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Brooke School

Having worked on over thirteen school projects; ranging from Pre-K programs, to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and College Campuses, our commitment to improving the everyday, educational experience of all students runs deep. Our goal is to create learning environments that are all inclusive, accessible, sustainable, and purposeful to truly ignite a passion forRead more

Franciscan Children’s

Located in Boston’s Brighton community, Franciscan Children’s is a unique facility (one of four in the country) that accommodates the varied medical and educational needs of children with physical and/or emotional disabilities. Terraink had the honor of working with Franciscan Children’s in the development of a master plan for the revitalization of an outdated, weatheredRead more

Saint Columbkille Partnership School

Have you ever considered a new project site and wondered to yourself: Given the challenges before us, how are we ever going to accomplish this task? We have only asked ourselves this question once, and it was during our first visit to the Saint Columbkille Partnership School. Upon arrival, we were shocked to find thatRead more

Boston College

We enjoy the challenge of creating aesthetic, welcoming spaces, while accommodating the technical and Universal Accessibility requirements that are prevalent throughout institutional campus projects. Our ongoing relationship with Boston College includes a range of projects throughout the College’s Main Campus, Newton Campus, Brighton Campus, and satellite properties that will benefit from the introduction of pedestrianRead more