Saint Columbkille Partnership School

Have you ever considered a new project site and wondered to yourself: Given the challenges before us, how are we ever going to accomplish this task? We have only asked ourselves this question once, and it was during our first visit to the Saint Columbkille Partnership School.

Upon arrival, we were shocked to find that the student’s outdoor recreation space was an eighty-year old parking lot, where students played amidst parked vehicles and orange safety cones. Charged with transforming the dilapidated, asphalt parking lot into an active, secure and multi-age group friendly playground while enhancing the neighborhood aesthetic, this project perfectly illustrates how a dedicated client and design team can work through various financial, environmental, and scheduling obstacles to realize a shared vision no matter how challenging. We occasionally visit the School and take great pride in the fact that the students are able to play freely and safely, throughout a beautiful, and multi-functional environment!