Brooke School

Having worked on over thirteen school projects; ranging from Pre-K programs, to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and College Campuses, our commitment to improving the everyday, educational experience of all students runs deep. Our goal is to create learning environments that are all inclusive, accessible, sustainable, and purposeful to truly ignite a passion for learning throughout all age groups. The Brooke High School, which is located on a 2.5-acre parcel (with a 36 foot elevation differential!) along the American Legion Highway corridor in Boston, afforded the opportunity to integrate stormwater management with outdoor gathering spaces, rain gardens, native plant palettes, and a greenhouse. Additional project goals included pedestrian safety, accessibility, and visibility throughout the site, while creating entrances and academic plazas that would accommodate a variety of activities for high school students and their associated curriculum. It is thrilling to watch the outdoor spaces evolve with each graduating class!