Plaza on the Main

As part of their ongoing efforts to improve the workplace environment, this Boston-based client was committed to improving the quality of life for their tenants, with an emphasis on integrating the benefits offered by the exterior of the building with the newly renovated interior of the building.
While maintaining Universal Accessibility throughout the project, we developed an exterior open space that draws the interior of the new health zone out into the landscape, via both a hardscape upper terrace and a lower expanse of stretching green lawn, both of which are nestled into a series of lush perennial garden beds. With walls of glass that span the building’s corridors, thereby taking advantage of the natural southern sun exposure, guests can safely and comfortably take in all of the inherent wellness benefits of nature without distraction from the site’s urban context. This outdoor multi-use plaza offers visitors firsthand exposure to a native plant palette that encourages habitat diversity, in addition to outlying granite slab benches and natural stone walls that are reminiscent of the site’s New England context.