Oceanside Getaway

You can imagine the drive north… heading out of Boston, traveling along the north shore, making your way through New Hampshire, and then into the open skies of Maine. Now, imagine this drive taking you to a project site for work, where, surrounded by breathtaking ocean and inland marsh views, you have the opportunity to work with a Client who asks you to dream the dream of what this amazing piece of seaside property could actually be? We had the honor of working with a talented team of architects, interior designers, and local builders on this oceanside residence, which is located in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Upon the homeowner’s purchase of the property and subsequent removal of the existing, aged structure, the design team worked diligently to creatively meet the Town’s pervious/impervious coverage requirements, while maintaining the Client’s overall vision: To create a “dream” getaway for family and friends.

The final design celebrated views to the outlying seaside landscapes, while utilizing a palette of indigenous plant material that will weather the harsh environment climate that is prevalent in this part of the country. Native stone walkways, terraces, and slab steps provide clear circulation routes while managing the significant elevation conditions throughout the site. We were thrilled to assist in the evolution of such a beautiful home!