We have had the opportunity to work on seven (7) public school projects with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). With each project comes new opportunities and priorities as each School District has varied programmatic and design goals and objectives, which are all reflective of the communities that they serve. One school is a twin school with the goal of achieving Net Zero Energy, while another school would like to create a strong seaside theme throughout their site to emulate their community’s history and context.
While each School certainly maintains its own unique character and identity, we find that our baseline philosophy surrounding the importance of integrating the landscape with the building and the curriculum holds true across the board. We take to heart the decades worth of research that has proven the positive social-emotional impacts that nature has on our human psyche, which is why we work to incorporate outdoor learning labs, discovery classrooms, rain gardens, and opportunities for the students to really interact with nature… to learn how to really feel and observe their surroundings; to get their hands dirty and have fun!

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